Include Everyone at Your Table

My oldest son has autism. When he was turning 18 and transitioning to adulthood, he said he wanted to be a chef in a restaurant. So I and his support team have tried to make that happen. We are starting a business that would employ people with autism.

Proud chef making gluten dairy free pumpernickel bread


We’ve put together a Gluten free and dairy free baked good company, No Label at the Table. Two thirds of people with autism after HS graduation are unemployed. The statistics get worse the older a person on the spectrum is. Our goal is to open a bakery/quick service restaurant with a certified gluten free kitchen that provides employment opportunities and job skills training for people with autism.

We can now accept special orders for any event you have! Everything is Gluten and dairy free and we’d be happy to work with you on any other requests

To place an order please use our online order form here: Online Order Form

Our new online store is live!  We currently have 3 different shirts for sale online!
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You can find us at:
Carmel Farmer’s Market!
Brownsburg Farmer’s Market!
Fisher’s Farmer’s Market!