BIG BIG News!!!!

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With much excitement and pure panic, I signed a lease this weekend for 111 W Main St, Suite 145 in the Carmel Arts & Design District! How much more do I know? Not much. I do know that after congratulations comes questions. I’ll try to answer some. I am figuring this out day by day for my guys as we still operating as is. We are at the markets on the weekends, taking orders via the website and selling on We can help you include everyone at your Thanksgiving table. I am still having a blast in the kitchen and at the market. I can’t wait for you all to come and be a part of it all.

When will you be opening? I don’t know. There is nobody who wants this answer more than me. I will have a better idea and the next few days as destruction and construction starts happening. Follow us on social media I’ll keep posting pictures.

Will your kitchen be dedicated gluten free? YES! WE WILL HAVE A DEDICATED GLUTEN FREE KITCHEN!!! Employees won’t be allowed to bring in gluten in their lunches. Our equipment will be new and never have touched any gluten. We’ve always taken extra, extra precaution but now you can rest assured that are food is safe from any chance of cross contamination.

What are your hours going to be like? 6 days a week, 10-6. Mondays closed. We may play with the Sunday opening times and offer a special Sunday menu. We will be open extended hours for the Arts District special events.
Are you going to have a Grand opening event/ ribbon cutting? No. My focus has always been my employees and setting them up for success. Those of you who are special needs parents know what a party atmosphere can do to your child’s stress level. I want to focus and support my employees in their transition to the new space.

What will you have on the menu? Initially it won’t change much. We will have coffee, tea and drinks. We will have special holiday items and can accommodate more special occasions. Hopefully you follow us on social media and have noticed their cake decorating is moving beyond cupcakes. My focus is transitioning my team into the new space. Change is not easy for my team, but don’t underestimate them! I thought we’d be selling at farmers markets for two years, HAH!!!! They’ve smashed every target I set for them. They will be adding additional items quickly. Please know that when you come and see new items that my guys are growing and learning,

Besides being terrified and excited, I am truly grateful. I am grateful to my employees for working as hard as they do and making my work so much fun! I am grateful to the parents of my employees who trusted me with part of their children’s future. I am grateful to the Carmel Community City Center Community Development Corporation for seeing value of my employees and their enterprise and helping us secure our shop. I am grateful to our community who came and supported us. I grateful for all those people who shared our story. (Please share this, too!)

I can’t wait for you all to be able to come into the shop and experience what I do with my guys. I’ll keep posting our progress.

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