New lesson learned and todays menu

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Lesson learned yesterday, J cannot have a day off after we’ve been on the news! Also, I thought we prepared but we weren’t prepared to run out of sugar, eggs and brown rice flour! At 4:00, my husband had to make a Costco run. It was a great day for enterprise Please come on back and see my guys.

Today, as promised bread. We are starting slow.

Rice Tapioca loaves

Toaster Waffles- to take home and freeze then toast not eat in the store

Corn Bread

Pizza Crusts

Dinner rolls- We’ll have these out to sample  with Olive Mills jams

If we can get it done next week, we’ll add another loaf.

Mini Carrot Cakes w/brown sugar frosting

Gorilla Vegan Cupcakes( Banana w/chocolate frosting)

Lemon cupcakes

Yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting

Sandwich cookies, brownies, cereal treats, and the 4 signature cookies, snickerdoodles, lemon almond, ginger and chocolate chip

Put your bells on and cross your fingers for us

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