Today’s Plan- 4/12 Some out there stuff

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Today’s Plan- 4/12

Donuts will Be back!!!!!! Gf & Vegan  NO MUFFINS


Lime Cornmeal Bars with Blueberry glaze(GF, DF, Soy Free)

Orange Chiffon Bundt cake with Blood Orange Glaze (GF, DF)

Chocolate chip vegan cookies

Lemon Daisy Cake!!!!

We have a loaf of bread

We may try rolls again

We’ll be busy

Plus the cereal treats, brownies, cookies, apfelkuchen cakes, pineapples upside down and Circle City Kombucha, Loose Teas, Cooper Moon Coffee and

Smiles and Laughter

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Plan- 4/12 Some out there stuff”

  1. Hi Shelly, was wondering if calories are listed on any of the bakery items? And the ingredients? Thanks! I sometimes have my grandchildren and one has some food allergies.

    1. Not calories, I have labels for anything that’s sold outside the store but if purchased in store there are not. I can give you a breakdown on things and let uyou know what’s safe or a label for the cookies or brownies

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