Today’s menu 4/15

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Sunday 4/15/18

Remember we are open at 12-4 today

We’ll have

GF/Vegan Donuts

Lemon Blue Berry Muffins

Rice Tapioca Bread

Yeast Dinner Rolls

Pizza Crusts

Toaster Waffles

Corn Bread

The experiment-

Coconut Cake with Lime Glaze

The olive oil cakes and lime bars were a hit there maybe one batch of each.


Cookie Dough Filled Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes

Cereal treats

Better than Nutter Butter Sandwiches

Ginger with brown sugar Frosting cookies sandwiches


As a teaser, on Tuesday J wants to try the strawberry balsamic vinegar from the Olive Mill. You may see a GF/ DF Oat bar with a Mixed Berry glaze or possibly a citrus one with an almond crust and apricot. I saw his scribbling when I got home last night.

I want to congratulate Jimmy Kiefel. He sold out last night! Kudos to Jimmy, his family and all that attended  Thank you

We’ll see you at the shop Thanks for allowing me to have the best job in the world.

Sharing is caring!

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