Fall Break

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Reminder! We will be on Fall Break from October 6 th till the 15th!!!

I have never run a bakery before. I am not sure what we are going to have in the case or available this week. I have skipped our imperfect produce order. We may have some inspired items this week. They’ll be inspired by what we have left in the pantry. Problem solving will be on our agenda. Being flexible will be a goal.

IF you are a regular and want to stock up, place an order on our website to insure we have your favorites! If it is not on the in shop pick up order form send us a message in the notes or use contact us. Please do not make order via Facebook. Make an order if you want bread because I’ll need to adjust our egg order.

I think we will have enough apples to last thru Wednesday and lemons till Friday.

Tuesday – All quick breads in Freezer $3 !!!!!!!

Expect daily specials all week.

Sharing is caring!

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