11/18 Todays Menu – opening a bit early

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Special note- We will be open early, probably before ten. You won’t have to miss your football game!!!

Today’s Menu

Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, and Pumpkin pies will be available!

Lemon Blueberry Muffins- GF/DF

Rolls- GF/DF/Soy Free

Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Boule GF/DF/Soy Free

Corn bread croutons GF/DF

White bread Croutons GF/DF

Pizza Crusts GF/DF/Soy Free

Sundried Tomato Pizza Crusts- GF/DF/Soy Free

Pumpkin Mini Bundts Gf/DF/Soy Free

6 types of quick bread

Turkey Cupcakes( Apfel)


We won’t have White Sandwich loaves today, but will make fresh on Tuesday and Wednesday!!!!

Tomorrow we will be open sporadically, message us if you want to stop in

Must likely ~7-11 and 1-5  


Sharing is caring!

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