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Dia dhuit (Hello)

I’ve been getting messages about soda bread for St Paddy’s Day. I’m Irish. Chef J is an  Irish American chef(~65%). We are wondering how much of the old country we should bring to the bakery this week.

Would there be interest in?

Barmbrack – a sweet cake with dried fruit. It’s usually served around Halloween. It’s kinda like King cake that you pull out a coin or a bean giving a prediction for your next year.

 Boxty- Potato pancakes

Coddle inspired pie-potato, bacon, sausage, usually leftovers. We’d make a pot pie

Soda Bread- This is the one everyone is asking about, I did not grow up with this bread   My family made Farl, soda bread cut in 4 made in a cast iron skillet. It’s closer to what Americans call English muffins. 

Potato and caraway Bread- We’ll try this. We’ve never converted.  Tell us if you want to try

Irish Brown Bread- We already make this one and are very pleased how it’s been embraced here in Indiana

Please tell us what you’d try

answer in the comments

Adh mor ort ( Best of luck to you)


Sharing is caring!

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