A new game plan! We will remain open

Hello All

We are committed to staying open.

I am developing a plan for the next few weeks. Our business, as well as the employees, is going to have develop some flexibility.

We are moving to the smallest crew possible.

We will be closed on Sundays until the end of the month,  unless by appointment.

My husband and I are removing the tables, except for the break table, from the bakery. No one will sit in the restaurant. Everything is to go!

I’ll see if I can come up with Curbside delivery. I’m worried about the guys walking out in traffic or the parking lot.

Della Leva in Fishers at 106th & Hague Has a drive thru and carries our products!!!

I have increased our menu on Market Wagon. You can have our items delivered.



We’ll adjust and make it through. Things will return to normal.

We have gift cards.

Thanks, Shelly