Come help us launch 5 makers on the Spectrum in Microenterprises 11/9

Come help us launch 5 makers on the Spectrum in Microenterprises.

This holiday season we get the opportunity to work with 5 makers on the spectrum. They will be making our holiday merchandise while we help launch them in their own microenterprises. No Label at the Table will provide the materials to the group of makers led by Wendy Kiefel at Fishers Ignite Studio. With Ms Kiefel’ s guidance the group will receive their training and certification on a specific piece of equipment in the fabrication lab. The fabrication lab has two 3 d printers , a laser engraver, and a vinyl cutter.

Their merchandise will be on sale starting this Saturday. Items will be added throughout the season. They will be available in the shop and limited runs online.  They plan on making etched glass wine and coffee mugs, zippered bags, cutting boards, wooden hanging arts, ornaments, dreidels, and tshirts!

This Saturday meet 2 of our makers! From 5-7 pm

Anna Koelling has made some fun etched glass wine and mug sets using a cricut machine

Please meet Anna

I was Born in China, then moved to Illinois with my adoptive parents when I was 1 years old. We moved to Indiana in 2014.

In 2016, I graduated from Westfield Highschool and then attended Project SEARCH at Saint Vincent in Carmel to get job training and enjoyed doing supply chain.

I recently got a Cricut to make designs for glasses, mugs, and other projects. It’s my favorite activity because it’s detail oriented work and it keeps my hands busy. My other experiences with working with my hands is doing Paint by Sticker books and building models.

Andrew Boughner has made some cool cutting boards with the laser engraver. No one will cross contaminate when using them!

Please meet Andrew

Hey there! My name is Andrew Boughner and I’m a very nice, empathetic, and caring young man with high functioning autism. When I began my job at local diner earlier this year, I realized that I love working with my hands and body to move around performing tasks. My mom reminded me as well that I loved using my hands when I was little when building LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, etc. She even said I could figure out puzzles very well and I do love puzzles. In terms of my passion, I would genuinely like to enjoy the journey of life and to help people however I can.”



Can’t wait to show off their work and for you to see more!!!