Hopping into the holiday weekend

My guys were on TV yesterday. It’s so wonderful that the community sees the need for our business and wants to share our story! Thanks to Sherman Burdette and BJ at Fox 59.

We’ve made it through our first week or so. I am still standing. I laugh harder and enjoy it more every day. Please come in and see why! Every time you come, you’ll see everyone making progress. We’ve made our way through over 250 lbs. of GF flours, 100 lbs. of sugar, 25 pounds of lemons, 30 dozen of eggs and the list goes on and on…

The other thing you might see is our laminate cards posted and in the apron pockets of workers. We’re settling in and make sure everyone is set up for success. It’s how the magic happens. If you are in the shop, and you see the someone working off their cards, feel free to engage them in some small talk and ask them what’s on their list. They take immense pride in their work and love to share.

Please make note if you plan on coming to the shop on Saturday we are the last mile of the marathon course. Parking and roads maybe inaccessible. Wait till after 1pm to come by! We’ll be open early for coffee and treats for the spectators. It’ll be the first time I am not in the shop while it’s open because I’ll be running with Chef J’s little brother.

We will have 5 bunny carrot cakes ($24) available on Good Friday. Why 5? Because that’s what we have the pans for!

Have great holiday weekend. We’ll be closed Easter Sunday. World Autism Day is the April 2nd. Wear Blue!