In Lieu of blog- new allergen posting at Markets

I’ve been very busy this week trying to expand to more markets, which means more employees and more work our team on the spectrum!!!

In Lieu of a blog I’m posting a new sign we will have displayed at the market about allergens


We started Gluten/Dairyfree cooking because of our son’s needs

We started this business because of our son’s needs

Please make decisions when purchasing based on your needs!

We are currently renting kitchen space. We process using best practices in a facility that also process wheat, milk, tree nuts and peanuts.


Gluten     You are safe to eat anything!

Dairy        You are safe to eat anything!

Egg           Sorry, in an effort to be indistinguishable or better than gluten counterparts, all the baked goods contain eggs, Please ask for a card and we can arrange to bring an egg free version next week.

Fish/Shellfish     Sorry, in an effort to use whole foods in their most natural state, we use fine sea salt in our baked goods. Please make a decision based on your needs

Tree nuts No snickerdoodles

No Brownies (coconut only)

Peanuts   No cereal treats

If you are reactive to Lupine/legume

NO pizza crusts, white sandwich bread, or donuts

Soy           NO cornbread or chocolate cupcakes