No Label at the Table primarily looks for individuals with Autism, Asperger’s and PDD-NOS-ages 16 and up

We are a scalable social enterprise. All of our employees are paid employees. Our goal is not only to improve autism awareness but change the perception of the public of the capability of people with disabilities.

That being said, we are 4 weeks into operation and must stay scalable. We are currently fully staffed, but will be adding new markets soon, very soon. Please follow us on Facebook and check the website. I will post job openings in both places.

Here are the two roles we have

Point of sale at the Markets

Responsibilities are to greet customers, maintain a clean and organized stand, and taking money in the form of cash or mobile checkout.

Must be able to make change and comply with hygiene and safety standards set by the Health Department (gloves, hats, handwashing station…),  and have own transportation.

* We can make accommodations and provide on the job training for all of these tasks

**This job has two variables, we can not control, weather and the public. Four weeks in, we’ve experience flooding, thunderstorms and chilly wet 50 degree temperatures. I am sure hot and humid days are to come. Everyone at the markets is very kind, but they are curious. The public asks questions. Interactions leads to better awareness. Someone appropriate for this role must have a higher social anxiety threshold. You don’t have to be verbal but you have to be comfortable interacting with constant flow of people. We can shorten shifts to help with anxiety load. We can teach a sales script, but customers won’t necessarily stay on it!


Responsibilities include measuring, mixing, using commercial cooking appliances machines, washing dishes, maintaining a clean organized kitchen, sometimes decorating the final product, and packaging the product

Must be able to follow a production schedule and recipe

Be able to read a thermometer, make exact measurements, pay strict attention to time and be able to comply with the hygiene and safety standard set by Hamilton County Health Department in the kitchen (wear gloves, hat, wash hands…)

Must be available Fridays during day hours and have own transportation.

Again we can provide on the job training. When choosing the menu, I purposely picked things that could be broken down and work for anyone at any ability.


If you have someone with a special interest, passion or obsession for cooking, like I did with my son follow us, we will have opportunities very soon!