Mondays are for Marathons

Something weird happen a couple of Mondays ago, before the markets opened for the summer. Something really weird. I was running a quick 3 miles, because I was tapering for a race in Carmel the next weekend with my sons. Honestly, it was 3 miles because I did not have time for anything else because No Label at the Table had to be ready for the farmers markets. The weird thing was it wasn’t any ordinary Monday. It was Patriot’s Day. I was doing my 3-mile taper run while the Boston Marathon was happening 936.2 miles (.2 miles are very important to marathoners) away. I had forgot all about it. Weird.

The Boston Marathon has defined spring for me for the last 2 decades. You just can’t sign up for Boston. You’ve got to not only run another marathon but do it fast enough to qualify. If you’ve made it to Boston you’re “for real”. You’re serious. It’s attainable goal but you have to be better than most people out there. It’s reachable for nonprofessional runners. It meant I wasn’t just a housewife running away from autism momma drama, I was a serious runner, a marathoner, an elite marathoner. Running was all mine. I started training to run away from my problems but quickly I began running to be someone. All the medals and PRs meant that I could do something that was all mine and had nothing to do with autism. 

But this year, I forgot all about Boston. Something happen. No Label at the Table happened. Since January starting this business has been my focus. My goals have not been inward but on getting my guys to work. Instead of tempo runs and speed work outs, I was focused on my guys skills set. How was I going to get them to their full potential? I feel so much healthier.

Missing Boston this year gave me the opportunity to run a race with sons. How lucky am I?  The Carmel Marathon was amazing. I’ve run plenty of small town races that have been a mess. The Carmel Marathon was professionally done.  Loved it and will register next year. Dorothy had it right there’s no place like home. Carmel Marathon organizers thanks for being inclusive and having the adaptive group. I got to share the day with my J man.  He had a PR!!!!

As I was pounding the pavement dragging J man’s little,but bigger brother through the course, I knew this is where I should be. I am lucky enough to live in a place that will embrace my guys and No Label at the Table. In years past when I wasn’t in Boston for the race, I’ve felt sad and down. I’d mope around thinking I was missing out. Not anymore, I’m where I should be, with my sons in a place that’s going to welcome No Label at the Table.  I may not have clicked ruby slippers, instead running shoes, but I had an epiphany like Dorothy. I realized all that I had been looking for can be found at home.

I don’t have to be in Boston to know I’m “for real”.  I’ve set a new goal and timeline with plenty of autism momma drama. I am going to stay focused and believe in us. Come see us at the markets as we cross my new finish line, a retail space.  Carb Load with us!!!!!!