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John Tran’s art

As requested, a post about the art of John Tran hanging in our shop.

I’ve included a picture of each piece with tag. The tags include title and price.

John Tran, the artist, is a teenager with severe autism. He is not able to speak and suffers from sensory overloads which have restricted his life. His wakeful hours consists mainly of holding multiple toys of similar size and shape in his hands which he carries around the house; he has little functional skills.

As John Paints, he loses the traits of autism and becomes absorbed like any artist. His work is an inspirational testimonial that art crosses borders of language and despite disability, he is able to have a career.

A 100% of your purchase of his art goes back to artist for supplies and art training. The paintings are next to a window. The colors might not truly represent the pieces. Not only picture are the correct direction. Not matter how many times I tried to rotate they would not. I never will master wordpress

7/18/18 Today’s Menu

Today’s menu 7/18



Lemon Blueberry Muffins

Carrot GF/DF/Soy Free

Mini German chocolate cakes GF/DF/Soy Free

Edible cookie dough cupcakes

More Tiger eyes (ginger cookies dipped in Chocolate with gold sprinkles)

By Lunch

 Black Magic Cake with triple berry balsamic GF/DF

Or a Peach Upside down

Plus a birthday girl   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Todays’ Menu Pineapple Zucchini Bread !!!!!!!!!!!

Todays’ Menu

Hummingbird cupcakes GF/DF


Brownies GF/DF/Soy Free

Better Than Nutter Butters GF/DF/Soy Free

Edible Cookie Dough Cupcakes- GF/DF/Soy Free


Corn Bread- GF/DF

Chocolate Zucchini w/ Cocoa Nibbs- GF/Vegan/soy Free

Zucchini Pineapple Bread GF/DF/Soy Free


Chef J is not feeling well   So, no yeast breads. He’ll  be back in good form on Tuesday.

Today’s Menu 7/12 Come see us tonight at Clay Terrace

Today’s Menu 7/12/18


There’s 2 huge pieces of Carrot Cake Available!!!!

Peanut butter Brownies – GF/DF/Soy Free

Better Than Nutter Butter Sandwiches- GF/DF/Soy Free

German Chocolate Cake- GF/Vegan/ Soy Free (Approx 2 pm)

Lemon Bars

And More

Don’t forget to vote on this weekends cake

Chocolate Chip w/ Dairy Free Caramel Pecan Frosting


Peanut Butter Bacon w/ Maple Frosting


Come see us tonight at Clay Terrace Concert Series  will have a small market stand

Today’s Menu 7/10

Today’s menu

Vegan chocolate chip GF Vegan Soy Free

Strawberry Cupcakes- GF/DF

Coca cola Cake with Maraschino Cherry Frosting by the slice   GF/Vegan/ Soy Free

Cinnamon Raisin bread GF DF Soy Free

Coconut Brownies GF DF Soy Free

Cereal treats GF Vegan

Lemon Bars GF DF Soy Free

Smiles and getting our grove back

Today’s menu No DONUTS but Toaster Waffles!!!

Today’s Menu

Today weather is not going to allow most breads to proof well.


We will have


Toaster waffles GF/DF/Soy FREE

Carrot and lemon Blue berry Muffins- GF/DF

Apple Zucchini bread with walnuts GF/DF

Chocolate zucchini Bread GF/Vegan

Pizza Crusts- GF/DF/Soy Free


And much more