Please no more High Fives!!! Positive words are just as powerful! 3/13

No Label at the Table has the great pleasure to help you all celebrate birthdays, weddings, and family celebrations. We are able to provide people with their literal daily bread. We are our employee’s only source of income and sometimes their only social interaction with the public. We are committed to staying open during this health crisis. We are in the business of putting people to work.

We have always gone beyond what was necessary to provide a healthy, clean and safe environment in the shop and the kitchen.

We are no longer keeping cupcakes and cakes in cake stands on top of the case. No samples at the market. Cake pops will be kept in the fridge. You will hear not just oven timers going off, but alarms because we are taking extra precautions with our routine sanitizing and cleaning.

We need your help.

  1. If you are sick, stay home. You can get our products via
  2. I hate to say this, but please no more High Fives for the kids at the register! Words of encouragement are still much appreciated!
  3. Please hands off the case. Let us serve you.

We are a small business serving a vital community need. We take the health of our employees and customers very seriously. Thanks for understanding.