To Everything There Is a Season

Autumn Leaves

Edel T. Copeland

Published: November 1, 2016

Golden, crisp leaves falling softly from almost bare trees,

Lifting and falling in a hushed gentle breeze,

Slowly dropping to the soft cushioned ground,

Whispering and rustling a soothing sound.


Coppers, golds, and rusted tones,

Mother Nature’s way of letting go.

They fall and gather one by one,

Autumn is here, summer has gone.


Crunching as I walk through their warm fiery glow,

Nature’s carpet rich and pure that again shall grow,

To protect and shield its majestic tree,

Standing tall and strong for the world to see.


They rise and fall in the cool, crisp air.

It’s a time of change in this world we share,

Nature’s importance reflecting our own lives,

Letting go of our fears and again, too, we shall thrive.



I’m sure you’ve noticed pumpkin spice popping up everywhere, even on our market tables! Fall is coming. Winter is approaching. Our market season is coming to an end. Two more weeks for the summer markets. Squirrels and chipmunks are scurrying around making their winter stores, much like I am scurrying around preparing for my guys winter plan.

I really identify with the last stanza of this poem. Whether it’s Nature or God, the universe is telling us it is time to reflect and change so we can thrive. If I look back at the past summer, it is unbelievable what my guys have accomplished! By mid-July, they had hit every target I had for them for the next 18-24 months. They are media darlings. They had both local and national press. Their products are at not one market but three! Their products are making sure everyone is included at weddings, birthdays and baby showers.  They’ve become an incredible team. They make movie dates together. They see each other for bowling. My son has friends.

Going forward, we will be returning to the Carmel Winter Market, Oct 21 through February 24th, Saturdays 9 am to noon at 510 3rd Avenue SW. We will be available on  at  both Indianapolis and Laporte sites, where you are able to get weekly deliveries of our goods. We will not be returning to Fishers Winter Market. I know we have weekly customers. Just come see me at the Carmel Market. I never got a chance to meet any of you! I owe you all a hug for supporting us! There’s an incredible line up of vendors at the Carmel Winter Market.

Every second, I’m not in the kitchen or trying to hustle up more press, I am working on getting my team their own kitchen. I am getting closer daily. You all will be the first to know!!! Someone once asked J man how he was going to become a chef, his response was, “ do cooking.”  If it was just cooking, it would be so easy and fun! That’s where I want to be in the kitchen goofing off with my guys. I want you, the customers, to experience the fun and enthusiasm they have.  If they had their own kitchen, they can take wholesale, co packing, and mail order/online sales(out of state) orders! All of that would mean more hours for my current guys and more job openings.

A kitchen would mean we would be more able to provide people with autism an opportunity to build a career, achieve an independent lifestyle and create social change. Hopefully, No Label this summer has created change or shift in people’s mind set. My dream was that we would inspire the community to change their perception of the capabilities of people with autism. My employees work is of the same value of their non-disabled peers.

As I reflect on the summer, I feel so appreciative for the community that has embraced us. You follow my guys progress on Facebook and Instagram. I get emotional thinking about the customers who know the chefs by name! I still am astonished and very grateful when brides take a chance on my guys!

I look forward to our next steps. I feel blessed to be taking them with the community and my guys. I’ve got future actuaries, engineers, and Bobby Flays! I’ve told one of my guys he must thank me in his Oscar and Grammy acceptance speech and to hype our snickerdoodles before they start playing the music on him! The future going to big for us, just watch and see, we shall thrive!