Today’s Menu 1/31

Today’s Menu
We have several cakes going out today, so that means lots of cupcakes for you all!!!
We did not get to the vegan puff pastry experiment for danish yesterday, but will today, fingers crossed.
So, lots of varieties of cupcakes of every order (most vegan)
Iced sugar cookie hearts on a stick (Chef j loves making them!)

cake pops
Oatmeal Dreams
Nutter Butters
PB Brownies
Chocolate Pumpkin Bread
Grapefruit poppy seed
Pumpkin Gingerbread
Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Boule
And busy bees! Come stock up for the weekend


I will take down the cinnamon rolls on the order form for tomorrow early this afternoon. I’m glad I put them on the order form. I would not have had the guys make as many. So think you for your orders, If you want some, please put in an order to ensure you have them, Thanks, Shelly