Today’s Menu 10/25 PIES and snickerdoodle cake

Today’s Menu

SALE!!!!! All breads in Freezer $3 and frozen pizza $5 There are a few Pumpkin Gingerbreads in the freezer Message if you want a pizza crust.

Today we will be doing full blow experiments on pies. Some will be available for purchase but we will be perfecting process for take n bake, reheat and fully cooked. My guess is by the time the weekend is over I won’t want to look at pies!!!

Strawberry cupcakes

Ginger cookies



Cake pops


Cereal Treats

Pumpkin Gingerbread

Snicker doodle cake by the slice (Around lunch)

In the afternoon we begin prepping for tomorrow Farmers Market

Those in the know come in late afternoon, because we are packing for the morning. Everything is out and about!!!