Today’s Menu 12/3

Today’s Menu


If you have freezer space today is the day to come in! WE won’t be making the mini santa cakes or mini pies the week of Xmas.

Trays of Cinnamon Rolls at Open!!!!

Oatmeal Dreams


PB Brownies

Nutter Butters

Vegan Chocolate chip cookie Sandwiches (V)

Vegan ginger cookie sandwiches (V)

English Muffins (V)

Garlic Breadsticks (V)

Strawberry Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes (V)

Autumn Vegetable and Bean Casseroles (V)

Cereal Treats

Cake pops


DIY Iced Sugar Cookie Kits

Mini Pies

Mini Santa Cakes

Sliced Bread

Pumpkin Ginger Bread

Corn Bread

Freezer is loaded!!!