Today’s Menu 4/2

Today is World Autism Day, April 2 nd. Everyday is World Autism Day at our bakery. I hope and believe we make everyone that walks through our doors know and understand the value and capabilities of people on the spectrum! Please wear blue today and come see my guys prove undeniable capability of people on the spectrum.

Everyone will get a chance to decorate today.  It’s pick – a -mix cupcakes ½ dozen. We are planning on small family friendly priced cakes and of fun easter basket items.

For those celebrating Passover, we have charoset and Pot Luck Potatoes (a good sub for potato kugel).

We will make an extreme effort to get out more macaroons.


If you are purchasing a gift for someone, please do not be shy about asking the guys upfront for a label. We can print you out something, so your loved one know they are safe!

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the Carmel Marathon. I’ve tried to reach out to anyone who placed an order for the morning. Please keep in mind there will be road closures throughout Carmel. The start and finish are less than a mile from our shop. If you are planning on coming tomorrow, please plan on after 1 pm. We will be staying open late until 5 pm.

We will be closed on Easter Sunday.

God Bless you all. Thank you for including us.

Today’s Menu

April 2

Oatmeal Dreams

Sweet Potato Soup

Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup

Pick a Mix cupcakes (Everyone is going to get to decorate! )

Every cake, no peanut butter, we make will be made into cupcakes by today in tomorrow. The plan is to keep pumping them out of the kitchen.

Meringue/White chocolate pops

Dinner Rolls

English Muffins

Roasted Garlic and rose Mary Boule


Hot Crossed Buns

Plant based Potluck Potatoes

Piggy Potluck Potatoes

And lots of fun small cakes