Today’s Menu 5/7

Today’s Menu 5/7


The order form is down. I don’t want the guys getting overwhelmed. I want them to have fun decorating for you!  I will put it back up Monday!


Honestly, we will have a little bit of everything to make Mom happy!!!!!


Today is the open of The Carmel Farmer’s Market!!!!  If you want tea breads and Muffins go there !!!! We are a proud vendor


The plan is for the guys to keep the case stocked for Mother’s Day with

Macarons (6 kinds)

Cupcakes (of nearly every variety we make)

Cookie cakes (sugar and chocolate chip)


Oatmeal dreams

Small cakes

English Muffins and garlic Bread sticks will be late , we have a small kitchen and a lot of decorating is happening which does not allow for warm temps to proof Bread


Teabreads and Muffins are going to the market in the morning.