Today’s Menu 6/25 Beautiful Strawberry Cupcakes and a couple of experiments

Today at the shop

If you plan to come in, please

We can only have 2 groups of customers in the shop at a time to allow for social distancing. Please cue outside the door spacing your self every 6 feet.

Please wear a mask when in the shop. Not just for your safety but for the safety of those that take care of you.

There will be no hot beverage service.

Nothing can be consumed in the shop.

Please let us wait on you. Follow the guys’ Instructions at the counter. They are trained in what to do and will wait on you.

If you are uncomfortable coming in the shop. We understand.

Market Wagon is available for delivery Thursday. Orders can be taken until Midnight Tuesdays

Door dash will be available




Oatmeal Dreams

Nutter Butters

Yellow cakepops

Cereal Treats

Caramel Corn

Apple Zucchini Bread

Pumpkin Gingerbread

Chocolate Cupcakes Vegan

Pretty Strawberry Cupcakes

English Muffins Vegan

Hummingbird Bread

Ginger Brown Sugar Frosting cookie Sandwiches


Experiment- Maple Ginger Zucchini Bread

Hamburger rolls