Today’s Menu 8/11


Oatmeal Dreams GF/DF/Soy Free

Cookies GF DF Soy FREE

Tik Tok Salad (V) GF/SOY FREE

Coca-Cola Cupcakes (V) GF/SOYFREE

Red Velvet Cupcakes GF/DF

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup (V) GF/ SOY FREE

Nutter Butters GF/DF/SOYREE

Lemon Blue Berry Muffins GF/DF

Baguettes GF/DF/SOY FREE

Sliced Bread GF/DF/SOYFREE

Hummingbird Bread GF/DF/SOYFREE

Pumpkin Gingerbread GF/DF/SOYREE


PB Brownies gf/df/soyfree

English Muffins GF/V/SOY FREE

Garlic Bread sticks (V) GF/SOYFREE

Cake pops (V)GF/DF

Lots of experiments happening today!!!!!