Treading Water

I want everyone to know we are treading water and we are doing it well thankfully due to our customers support. Thank you. You have still been ordering birthday cakes. It gives structure and purpose to my son’s day. I cannot thank you enough for giving him a reason to get up, get dressed and go to work.

The orders on Market Wagon are keeping our head above water. Thank you. Not only are they creating a full work day for the guys but it allows them to be safe and away from others while working. We will continue to add new products.

Last weekend we participated in the Carmel Farmers Market. It was great to see you all. People kept their distance and followed the rules. We will continue to participate. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to sell our products and keep employees a safe distance from the public. It was just me and Chef J’s younger brother at the stand. It will give us one more full work day for the guys in the kitchen. I will add carry out availability on Fridays starting this week.

The treading water is an appropriate analogy because we have been putting maximum effort into finding new ways to build the business. The guys in the kitchen are busy developing new products. I have immersed myself into UPC and Barcodes, heat sealers, flash freezing and packaging. We are terribly busy figuring things out.

Today’s experiment in the kitchen is a Cinnamon Raisin and Egg bagel. We will be prepping for tomorrow. I am going to allow the bakers to pick the Mother’s Day Menu today. I want to keep things fun. I will post it on Thursday.


Pleases put orders in by Midnight for Market Wagon


Please put orders for Carry out 4/ 22 6 am tomorrow

You can also put carry out orders for Friday. We will have a full work day.

We have not received our pallet of flour from Bob’s Red Mill yet. Finger crossed this week.


Thank you again, Shelly