World Autism Awareness Day April 2 Please Share #LIUB

Light it up Blue with us!

World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, is fast approaching. Help us increase the understanding and acceptance of people living with Autism. Help us celebrate Neurodiversity. Help us highlight the needs of all people living with Autism.

It’s pretty easy. Just Wear Blue. Share Blue. Light it up Blue.

If you can do just one, Please Do!

Wear Blue! I saw all that green on St Paddy’s Day! You can wear Blue. Tell your office it’s a blue jean day! Easy!

Share Blue! Share a  photo of you in blue with the hashtag #LIUB

Upload a photo to the World Autism Month Mosaic

Light it up Blue! Turn on some blue lights. Monuments all over the world light up blue. Here’s a link to Home depot. Proceeds of this light bulb go to Autism Speaks

If you can do just one thing do it, for us and with us!

Please share