Today at the Carmel Farmers Market

We will be at the Market until noon  Please practicing the six-foot rule at the market.

The shop is not open  If you need anything, please put in an order and we will meet you at the shop.

Today at the market


Cereal treats $3

Pumpkin gingerbread $4

Banana almond oat with chocolate chips $4

Edible cookie dough cupcakes $4

GF/Df/Soy free

Cookies 3/$5 or $2 each

Brownies $3

Oatmeal dreams $4

Roasted garlic &rosemary boule $8

Soft pretzels 2/$5

Hummingbird bread$4

Apple zucchini bread $4

Bagels $5


Birthday Cake Banana Bread $4

Orange cupcakes $3

Lemon blueberry muffins $12